The Wrath of Texas: What Happened When 'Eater' Called NYC a Barbecue Capital

Nick Solares of The Meat Showan Eater exclusive, recently featured Bill Durney's BBQ joint in New York City, Hometown Bar-B-Que. Hometown has received buzz and praise over the years, and it is well-earned. Of the few barbecue spots in New York City, it is close to being authentically Texan. But it's not Texan.

Durney, in the episode and in past interviews, has pointed to a trip to the beloved Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas as the beginning of his career as a meat master. A former bodyguard, he now practices his passion in Hometown, and has put a few spins on Texan barbecue that make sense for a New York joint. Hometown is a fantastic Northeast BBQ joint, but it is not below the Mason-Dixon line.

And that's something Eater forgot with this one little tweet.

From there, well, you can guess how it went down.

As a Marylander by birth who now lives in Texas, I'll fully stand behind Texas BBQ as supreme. How can you even deny that smoke ring?

So, there you have it. Whether Eater meant it or not, they definitely knew what they were doing when they tried to start Barbecue Claim World War III.

Go home Eater, you're drunk. Hometown Bar-B-Que, you're alright though. Any joint that draws from Texas brisket for inspiration is good by me!

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