The World's First Avocado Bar Ran Out of Avocados in 3 Hours

Remember when we told you that the world's first avocado bar was coming? Back on April 7, we let you know here that the unprecedented Avocaderia was coming to Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood. Since then, Avocaderia has launched and, on its very first day, it ran out of avocados in three hours.

Kate Welsh of Extra Crispy spoke with one of Avocaderia's cofounders, Alessandro Biggi. They had approximately 200 avocados ready-to-go for opening day, but it just wasn't enough.

Avocado toast sold out. Avocado bowls sold out. Everything simply sold out, and it wasn't because Avocaderia was unprepared. They're prepared, but the avocados themselves aren't.

"Since we just opened, we have a lot of boxes [of avocados], but they're not ripe yet," Biggi told Extra Crispy. "By tomorrow we'll have more and more and more, but we'll have to let them ripen over the week."

For those who arrived at Avocaderia after about 2 PM on opening day, there were no ripe avocados to be had. The restaurant is aware of this and is working to ripen their avocados more quickly. They even have a "secret" trick to do so.

We put secret in air quotes because we've heard of this one before, but it sure does work. A ripening fruit will release a gas (ethylene) that expedites the ripening of other, nearby fruits. Turns out that bananas release quite a potent dose of this gas. By sticking bananas and avocados in a bag together, the avocados will ripen faster than they would otherwise.

After its opening day incident, Avocaderia will certainly need prime avocados at hand moving forward. "We expected a lot of people," Biggi said. "But this was really amazing."

We're excited to try Avocaderia. The food is beautiful and, believe it or not, we'd guess it tastes pretty darn good too. The real question, though, is, at Avocaderia, does the guac cost extra?

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