The Whiskey Advent Calendar to Make December Merry and Bright

I've never been an advent calendar user (it reminds me too much of that heartbreaking scene in Bad Santa). That all changed when I saw the whiskey advent calendar, the latest offering from Drinks by the Dram. This may be the best - and booziest -  way to tick down the days until we get to Christmas.

I'm amazed and excited that this calendar exists! We are a far way away from the flimsy chocolate advent calendars that give you a sugar buzz right before bedtime. As much as I love chocolate, it's about time that advent calendars made a product just for adults (we like to celebrate, too).

Drinks By the Dram

I've seen cheese and wine advent calendars floating around my social media feed, and that sounds all good and fun. But, as a spirits kind of girl, I'm pretty stoked about a little taster of whiskey each night.

Each box has 24 windows hiding a 30cl dram of whiskey behind its door. The choices are endless - in addition to the regular whisky advent calendar, Drinks by the Dram is also selling Premium (sampling whiskies worth up to $800/bottle), Old and Rare (up to $1300/bottle), and Very Old and Rare (want to try a whiskey worth up to $2500/bottle?). You can even choose specific regions of whiskey, like the Irish whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and bourbon options.

Other Boozy Advent Options

Drinks by the Dram

If whiskey simply isn't your thing, Drinks by the Dram also has Gin, Absinthe, Mezcal, and Vodka options. If you're feeling brave enough, you can even try your luck with the spicy vodka calendar, which ends at a tongue-meting 240,000 Scoville taster.

These advent calendars can be pre-ordered on Amazon, so pick up one (or a few) for the cocktail lovers in your life. They promise to tickle your taste buds, and I simply can't wait. Which variety are you going to pick?

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