Build Your Own Huge Whataburger Stadium for Perfect Football Snacking

Whataburger is in headlines a lot lately. From an adorable baby photoshoot to giving away free food, the company is doing big things. While Whataburger's latest endeavor may not be physically large, its implications are, well, you'll see. Normally, we see snack stadiums around the Super Bowl. Whataburger didn't want to wait for that, though.

No, they've gone ahead and made a snack stadium with the Super Bowl a few months out yet. Snackers and football fans alike will agree that the Whataburger stadium is too good to be true.

Remember when we said this venture isn't physically large? We may have spoken too soon. The Whataburger-themed stadium is six feet by ten feet. Relatively speaking, it's no AT&T Stadium. Compared to most snack stadiums, though, this creation is fairly monstrous.

An artist named David Aguilar teamed up with food fanatics to build the stadium. If you've been to Whataburger, you'll recognize the stands. They're made from classic Whataburger boxes.

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The box-based stands are supported by Styrofoam cups and dipping sauces. The green "grass" is actually not grass nor turf but labels that read jalapeno.

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This stadium also incorporates salad trays and breakfast trays and, nearly, every other Whataburger item you can think of. The fans, though, may be your favorite part yet.

The stands are filled with chicken fingers and french fries. There are also onion rings and ketchup packets. Unlike most stadium experiences, we don't think that a disappointed french fry will utter any unwarranted slurs. In fact, we can almost guarantee it. (Anything is possible.)

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Aguilar is proud of his work. Whataburger's version of a snack stadium is hands-down the tastiest looking one we've seen yet.

We're not sure how they handled "cleanup," but we're sad we weren't invited. The family of chicken fingers in Section 20 Row 4 just looked so... nice.

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