Serious #FoodPorn That'll Leave You Drooling No Matter What

If you're ever on the verge of hunger, do not go to #foodporn on Instagram. It's a hashtag you've seen over and over again, and with good reason. It doesn't matter if you haven't eaten since lunch or you just finished dinner, who doesn't love a mouthwatering photograph of food?  Whether it's a simple side dish of sautéed spinach or a harmonious melding of cucumbers and melons in a gazpacho, food photography somehow manages to both revolutionize your pallet and reinvigorate the flavors in your old standbys.

So next time you're feeling uninspired in the kitchen, don't get lost in the pages of wordy cookbooks. Instead, scroll through this list of 20 mouthwatering images and find the great idea behind your next gourmet creation. Sometimes a photograph really is worth 1,000 words.

Bursting with Berries

When did you last see berries look so stunning in their simplicity and yet so decadent? Don't you want to try them?

Serious Salads

Brunch. #brunch #moon #holidaymood #yummy #salad

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It can be so irritating when you're hungry and then you're served the tiniest, most artful salad in creation.

However, this salad looks so good it may just justify its minuscule proportion.

Perfectly Proportioned

Again, quantity does not necessarily correspond to quality.

This bite-sized cupcake looks so decadent, you may not need more than a couple bites to be utterly satisfied.


These colorful French delicacies have tempted the tastebuds of generations of aristocrats and haute society. Look at them.

They look almost too good to eat. What do you think - are they art or dessert?

Petit Perfection

Pecans, chia seeds, and cinnamon? This pudding sounds like a power house of good-for-you.

Do You Like Lettuce?

Sometimes you can't help but think that salad is just so...average. However, it's time to reconsider. Just look at this salad. It's by no means average.

In fact, all you can see is an intricate melody of colors and flavors waiting to grace your pallet. Yum.

Grapefruits are Good?

??? #grapefruit #pomelo #pink #spring #sun #shadow #juicy #nature #foodporn #food #delicius #fruit

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Nature can be magical. It can make you reconsider the appeal of edible substances. Seriously, when was the last time that you saw a grapefruit half look so good?

Now, if only they were easy to eat.

Mega Meal Bowls

With their bold displays of colors, meal bowls are the ultimate way to perfectly proportion all the components of a healthy, creative meal.

How can you not want to try that goodness?

Even Sauce Becomes Superior

when the internet declares it #nationalspaghettiday but you can't resist this bucatini via @iwillnoteatoysters

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Everyone knows that pasta is a kitchen staple.

With the perfect lighting and, a little arranging, suddenly pasta sauce looks like a delicious accompaniment to almost any dish.

Truffle Temptation

First of all, who doesn't like truffles.

However, when they are photographed up close so that you can inspect all the ingredients that go into creating these glorious dessert bites, they become simply irresistible.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Girls-Date ? ? #facerestaurant #sushi #sushilover #foodporn

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Sushi is as much artwork as it is a nourishing substance. Don't believe it?

Just look at how that salmon, rice, and avocado becomes a dragon roll that actually reminds you of a dragon. Beautiful.

Gorgeous Grilled Cheese

when wednesday feels like a monday and you just want an eggplant parm grilled cheese.?

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Grilled cheese is a classic dish that you've known about since you were a kid. However, in the real world cheese is adult food.

This grilled cheese beautifully blends the comfort of childhood with the sophistication that comes with maturity. Who wouldn't want to try this upgraded version of a classic?

Bread is so Not Basic

Bread is a staple of the human existence (unless you're gluten-free of course), and has been for thousands of years. Unfortunately, that means that bread is often thought of as a necessity and is no longer anything special.

That is until you realize the versatility that the staple offers. Bread, it turns out, is the perfect vehicle for kitchen experimentation.

OMG Oatmeal?

Often known for its gloppy consistency, oatmeal can be left by the wayside in favor of more "interesting" breakfast dishes.

However, you really should maximize your oatmeal potential. Filling, full of fiber, and flavorful, oatmeal's flexibility makes it the perfect base for any number of breakfast recipes.

Common, Those are Cherries?

Somehow these cherries manage to look cheerful. It's almost like they want to decorate your table rather than be consumed. Now you must decide, eat the fresh fruit or let it remain a perfect decoration. What a hard decision to make.

Fabulously Fresh Fish

It doesn't get much better than fresh fish. With it's ability to blend the flavors of land and sea, and a texture that can't be replicated by any other meat, fish is a one-of-a-kind delicacy.

Even though it's good, this picture just made it better. Aren't you dying to cook some now?

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