Man Caves and Lady Caves: The Ultimate Staycation Remodel

You often hear the terms man cave and lady cave being thrown around. You may ask yourself, what makes them so different from one another? Why can't a lady enjoy a man's cave and vice versa? Well, how about if we phrased it another way. Your cave is simply your personal space retreat. It is a zone for you to let your worries melt away undisturbed by another soul. Really, the general aesthetic and decor of the room is up to you and you alone.

Trust us, no one is going to say the women belong in the kitchen and the men in the den. That is so last century. Today, your cave can be on any part of your property and include any design element that suits your fancy.

However, sometimes even the most ardent cave dweller needs some inspiration to decorate their walls. So to get you going, here are 5 ways to decorate a lady cave and 5 other ways to outfit a man cave.

5 Luxurious Lady Lodgings

Shades of Grey


A mesh canopy is all you need to light up your imagination and capture your ideas. Then, add in a chandelier that drips with elegance and paint your walls a ponderous charcoal grey.

Now you've set yourself up with the most wonderful kind of space to dream up fairytales and stormy poetry alike.

A Cabin in the Woods


Who doesn't dream of lounging in a warm pool surrounded by the rustic mystique of the outdoors while they let the cares of the day drift away?

Now you can have that woodsy aesthetic in your own home with the addition of a stone-lined bathtub and a recycled wood accent wall.

Meditative Musings


Sometimes there is nothing more engrossing or relaxing than flipping through the well-worn pages of a book. So why not fill your walls with all the pages that bring you a sense of calm?

The Magic Treehouse


Some want their haven to reflect their childhood memories of carefree adventure. And there is no better way to do that than by constructing an adult treehouse.

Removed from the maddening crowd, this is a perfect option for those who need a quick but regular infusion of nature in their lives.

Fixer Upper Chic

Liz Marie Blog

The need for personal space is as old as time. So why not reflect this universal need for space with an homage to the past. Bring in elements of rustic chic by distressing your white wall, but pair it with the hallmarks of modernity such as top-notch wifi and an espresso machine.

What more could you need when you separate yourself to indulge in that "catch up" day?

5 Moody, Masculine Spaces

The Bookworm's Alcove


Men and women alike find comfort in the quite of a book. However, feel free to up the ante by adding in a worn-in leather couch and ample sunlight.

The resulting library will make you feel like a sequestered scholarly monk on a daily basis.

Swing Life Away

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Nothing says indulgence like a swinging bed.

A little bit of an outrageous expenditure, but extremely satisfying, having a swinging bed will complete any space where you're allowed to free your inner inhibitions.

Take Me Home to The Ball Game

The Good Stuff Guide

What could be more of a typical man cave than reconstructing your favorite sports bar in your own home?

The best part about doing it this way is that you get to only include the elements you like, including the sports channels.

Supreme Serenity

Home & Garden Sphere

Strong lines complement soft elements to create a welcoming atmosphere in which even the worst day can be repaired.

Be aware, however, big windows are the key to completing this picture.

Play With Those Garage Tools Indoors

Architectural Digest

Elaborate staircases are the next craft project for those men who love to spend their time tinkering with wood carpentry and joinery.

In fact, the whole household will likely support the construction of such an elaborate sculpture. If you can manage it that is.

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