The Top 10 Noisiest Foods You Should Never Eat in Quiet Place

We've all been there: You're in a meeting, movie theater, or library, and you can feel your stomach growling as you reach for a handful of your favorite kettle chips or you start cracking into some freshly steamed crab legs, only to discover you are the loudest person around. Well, you could be in a room full of misophoniac people or maybe, you are just eating too loudly.

Here are the top ten noisiest foods to avoid when your cellmate has misophonia or you just find yourself in a place where quiet is the norm.

1. Kettle Chips

Who doesn't like a crisp and crunchy handful of kettle chips when their tummy is a rumbling? Well, if you find yourself in a library, the answer is no one.

This snack is best eaten at a football game or maybe at a gun range.

2. Crab Legs

With all of the cracking, gnawing, and slurping it takes to actually get the crab meat out of its shell of a cage, it's no wonder this food hasn't been outlawed, or at least made quieter and easier to eat.

3. Nachos

These ooey, gooey cheese and crunchy chip masterpieces are still allowed to be consumed in movie theaters?

For how much it actually costs to get into the movie theater, no one wants to hear you smacking on chips with cheese running down your chin.

4. Apples

An apple a day will keep the misophoniacs away.But, if some of these individuals are actually your friends and you would prefer to have them around, maybe don't eat apples?

5. Carrots

The safest place to eat carrots is wrapped in a cozy blanket, you know, to help buffer the sound of your annoying crunching.

6. Crunchy Tacos

If you find yourself in an important meeting with a to-go box full of warm, crunchy tacos, please re-evaluate your life.

And, no matter what you do don't eat them there, instead find a nice warm overpass to enjoy your tacos while over-looking the freeway, if you close your eyes it kind of sounds like the ocean.

7. Cereal

From the mega crunch of a freshly poured bowl of cereal to the milk slurping that shortly ensues, the library is no place for your most important meal of the day.

8. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken may be finger-licking-good but that doesn't mean you have to suck on your own fingers in public just to get the full flavor experience, and besides, the crunch factor on this food is reason enough to eat this in the privacy of your own home while blaring some Metallica.

9. Cookies

We all understand that you are having your afternoon sugar crash, but the whole office doesn't need to hear you indulge in your favorite sweet treat.

Consider taking your snack out for an evening, maybe to a concert, or even to roller derby.

10. Ice

If you're going to be munching this loudly on something you should at least make sure it has some kind of nutritional value--just saying.

Are you guilty of eating any of these in a quiet place? What are some noisy foods you can't stand hearing people eat? Tweet at us, @WideOpenEats!

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