The Tamale Dog Is Houston's Newest Food Spectacle We Need to Try

If you've ever wanted to blend a hot dog with a Mexican-inspired classic, today is your lucky day. It's even luckier if you live in the Houston, Texas, area. James Coney Island, a local Houston restaurant, unveiled their newest creation: the tamale dog.

This concoction is exactly what you're imagining. It's a hot dog wrapped in masa, a traditional Mexican tamale staple, and smothered with beef chili, onions and cheese to create a dog unlike any you've ever had before.

After all, it's the time of year where tamales thrive, so why not mix the traditional American classic with it's equal Mexican counterpart?

FB/James Coney Island
FB/James Coney Island

If you're in the Houston area, head on over to James Coney Island to witness this masterpiece in person, and let us know just how amazing it is.

This merged culinary staple won't be around for long!

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