The Squish Collapsible Kitchenware is the Perfect Gift for the Recent Grad

The collapsible kitchenware from Squish has got to be the most amazing gift you can get the grad in your life. Chances are, they are probably spending their first year of college in a tight knit space with not much room for clunky bowls. That's why these collapsible kitchen products are perfect for anyone in this situation.

Get your grad measuring cups that collapse to fit in the most confined spaces, or even a cupcake holder so they can gift their new neighbors with freshly baked treats. No matter how they use these products, the collapsible squish products are sure to be the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Squish Collapsible Measuring Cups

measuring cups

Measuring cups, while small, can take up a lot of drawer space if you really think about it. That's why these collapsible measuring cups are the perfect gift for someone who might not have the room to spare.

You can snag this cup set for just $9.28.

2. Silicone Splatter Shield Foldable Pan Cover 

grease screen

This splatter shield is super cool because it folds up so it can create more space for other items! Get this now for just $16.99.

3. Squish Mixing Bowl

collapsible mixing bowl

My mixing bowls take up so much room in my cabinet. This mixing bowl, however, has been the perfect solution and it also makes for the perfect gift.

Get someone prepped for their first kitchen with this for just $11.62.

4. Squish Sink Set

4 piece sink set

I love when my kitchenware matches! This sink set is perfect for the recent grad and will look great in their first apartment. Get this fun sink set for just $19.99.

5. Squish Collapsible Salad Bowl with Lid

salad bowl

This salad bowl is amazing! I love using it to pack my salad for work and when I am done, I rinse it out and collapse it into my bag. Get this super cool bowl for just $19.95.

6. Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

collapsible cake holder

Love to bake? This cupcake and cake carrier stores nicely when not in use and then expands to make the most durable treat holder.

Get it now for $29.99.

7. Squish Collapsible Dish Pan

collapsible dish pan

The collapsible dish pan is another appreciated item that can be easily stored when not in use!

Help your grad get organized with this dish pan for only $21.99.

8. Squish Over The Sink Colander

sink colander

I would say that a colander is a must-have item! It makes prepping and cooking so much easier, but it can be a little clunky. This squish colander is perfect because it compresses when not in use for easy storage. Get it now for only $19.99.

There are plenty of squish options to choose from! Get started today with the collapsible squish products and make the move for the grad in your life easy and light with these items.