Cracker Barrel Under Fire: The Saga of #JusticeForBradsWife

Cracker Barrel is synonymous with comfort food. That comfort food is available along nearly every major highway in the continental United States. It goes without saying that restaurants like Cracker Barrel require employees to function (wait for it) comfortably. The chain is currently under fire from internet trolls for, well, firing one individual employee.

You could say that Cracker Barrel has recently started serving uncomfortable food if you're into bad jokes like we are. Alas, though, we present the saga of #JusticeForBradsWife.

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Facebook | Amiri King

As you can see above, Bradley Byrd's wife was fired from an undisclosed Cracker Barrel location. If you're asking what Emily Marie Wellman asked, please stay tuned. "No answer yet. LOL."

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Facebook | Amiri King

When the trolls that lurk in the darkest corners of the internet saw Brad's inquiry, they rallied behind him valiantly.

Reinforcements from Australia even aligned themselves with Brad and his unnamed wife.

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Facebook | Amiri King

Other comments on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page were attacked by trolls. This act of solidarity with Brad and his wife isn't unparalleled nor unrivaled, but it sure is funny to read.

One particular troll, Melanie Daniels, really got things going. Here are some of our favorite comments from Melanie the troll queen. They're all taken from Amiri King's Facebook post.

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As the trolling continued, it became apparent that Brad's wife was fired on Brad's birthday.

The trolls ran with this new fact and, while the Cracker Barrel social media team was responding to more pertinent Facebook posts, people continued to hammer away with responses aimed at Brad's wife. "Why'd you fire Bradley's wife?"

"You can't fire peoples [sic] wives on the husbands [sic] birthdays you animals..."

Things started to get really fun when the trolls remembered caps lock.

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Facebook | Amiri King

The spelling continued to devolve. Memes emerged. Eventually, the hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife popped up amongst a slew of less catchy hashtags.

People began claiming that not only did Brad's wife like working, but she also liked seahorses and bottles. No, we don't know where that came from.

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Facebook | Amiri King

The last screenshot posted on Amiri King's Facebook coverage of this ordeal is above. It seems a little #TooReal for us, but it made us giggle any way. No, we haven't seen a direct reply from Cracker Barrel to Brad.

No, we don't know how people know she worked there for eleven years. And no, we haven't been able to confirm whether she loves seahorses and bottles as much as she likes working.

What do know, however, is that when internet trolls smell blood they will attack. We'll be along for the ride, laughing all the way home.

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