The Pizza ATM Is Coming to a City Near You

The future is upon use - hover boards, self driving cars, and Pizza ATMs. Yes, it has finally happened. Taking the concept of the vending machine to a whole new level, Pizza ATMs are the future of food convenience.

The brainchild of French company Paline, the ATM is an all-in-one system that stores, cooks, and delivers a piping hot pizza. How so you ask?

With a built in convection oven and cold storage unit, pizza makers simply have to place their pre-cooked pies in a cardboard box and load up the vending machine. Then, when hunger strikes, pizza lovers can feed the ATM their hard earned cash and pace for three minutes while the vending machine does it's thing. Unless of course you can't wait three minutes, then you can order your pizza cold.

This ground breaking innovation is bound to revolutionize the college diet - along with the late night bar crowd.

3 minutes later... Voila! #pizzaatm #pizza #paline

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Want a pizza at 4am in the morning when everything is closed? No sweat. Just like the Waffle House, the Pizza ATM works around the clock 24/7. But unlike the Waffle House, you can avoid human interaction when you should probably be home sleeping.

Planned to spread it's cheesy goodness, Pizza ATMs are expected to hit cities across that country thanks to its stellar test run at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

So next time you need a greasy meal to soak up all that booze in your belly, hit the ATM.

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