The Perfect Whiskey Glass Is Finally Here (And a Similar One Is on Sale!)

Whiskey: It means so many things to so many different people. For some of us, it's a great way to cap an evening. For others, it's the best (and only) way to start the day. (Disclaimer: Consider your daily obligations before opening the day up with a shot of our friend Jimmy Beam.) Regardless of how, when, or why you enjoy your whiskey, you will usually be drinking it out of a glass. It's time for barrel-aged beverage sippers to unite, as the perfect whiskey glass is finally here.

The product is called the Norlan Glass, and it's awesome. Here's the company's description straight from their web page:

"The unique double-walled structure of the Norlan Glass offers a seamless integration of a scientifically performing inside with an aesthetically beautiful outside."

Norlan Glass

We've been drinking whiskey all willy-nilly for years, and now there's science to help straighten our straight-no-chaser out. The glass blowing technique behind this the Norlan Glass is unique in that it creates two separate walls.

There is space between these walls, though, making the glass, in effect, hollow. The visual result is stunning, as the inside wall is shaped entirely differently than the outside wall.

Norlan Glass

The visuals continue. "A unique effect of the double-walled construction," the website says, "is the intensity of color added to the spirits in the bowl, which is further carried up into the rim of the glass." We promised science, though, so we'll step away from the visuals and get to the nitty gritty.

"The casual drinker and aficionado alike commonly enjoy whisky or bourbon in an 'old- fashioned' tumbler," the website continues, "a wide open-brimmed glass intended for iced cocktails. Many connoisseurs prefer a narrower aperture of the brim, opting for a tasting (or nosing) glass--a stemmed tulip-shaped snifter that concentrates the aromas and allow for inspection of the spirit's color without marking the glass' bowl with fingerprints."

The Norlan Glass has "specifically designed protrusion forms" shaped into it, allowing for the perfect aeration of whiskey. It allows more ethanol to evaporate, allowing the whiskey itself to be much more expressive.

The shape of the glass also allows for the ethanol to evaporate around the nose. This will channel the aromatics of the spirit to your nose, improving flavor all the while.

The downside of this glass is that a set of two will set you back $48.00. If you're into that, you can order from this page.

For our frugal friends, this set of two JoyJolt whisky glasses is on sale from $49.95 to only $12.95.


While you won't get the full effect of the Norlan, we have to believe some of the geometric-ness of the glasses will rub off on you!

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