Jameson's Old Midleton Distillery Put Up a Whiskey Cask Christmas Tree

The team at Irish Distillers at the Midleton Distillery of Jameson in East Cork, Ireland decided to bite the bullet this year and build the most epic Christmas tree of all time. Why is it the most epic tree of all time? Because it's a whiskey cask Christmas tree.

Made of 150 whiskey casks, this is the tree design to end all tree designs. The brand posted the photo to Twitter on Dec. 19, and we're already planning how to pull this off in our backyard next year.

Twitter/Irish Distillers
Twitter/Irish Distillers

Though we've seen wine bottle Christmas trees popping up stateside this year, there is nothing like a full whiskey Christmas tree, complete with those casks.

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We have to imagine that a crane was involved to hoist those lovely casks into the air for each layer, but you can always build your own miniature version at home.

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