The One Thing I Always Have on Hand for Last-Minute Gatherings

The season is now upon us. Somehow as night settles in earlier and earlier, parties, get-togethers, and gatherings seem to grow more and more frequent. While this can be one of the best parts of fall settling in, it can also lead to moments of hectic preparation and spontaneous cooking marathons that can leave you exhausted before the festivities even begin.

And where is the fun in being stressed out for a party? So while you could dedicate yourself to vigilantly blocking out hours in your schedule to party plan, most of us have obligations that inevitably seem to run into our "planning" time. However, there is a way to forego all of this unnecessary planning pressure for your gatherings.

Just buy a bottle of wine.

No matter whether you're planning an evening soiree or a simple backyard fire-pit fest, wine is a welcome addition to the menu. Plus, serving a couple bottles of wine will warm your guests' bones and make them more willing to patiently lounge around as you prepare all your last-minute appetizers or wait for the delivery man to appear at your front door.

Furthermore, if you're hosting a party with your close friends, having a nice bottle of wine helps you boldly ask for them to pitch in. As long as you tell them that you're providing the wine, there is almost no one that would deny bringing a potluck style dish (and in the end, you're the one that does the least amount of work).

And even if you're completely behind, just having a few bottles of wine and good conversation never goes amiss. I have personally never seen a grumpy reaction from any of my invitees over the fact that I was sorely and wholly unprepared to receive them as long as I had a glass of adult juice available as soon as they walked in the door.

So, in essence, a bottle of wine is the perfect recipe to maintain your sanity and find forgiveness for your under-preparedness.

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