The Oldest Woman Alive Says These 2 Foods Have Kept Her Healthy

Have you ever wanted a true hero? No, not one of those fake ones in tights and a cape that's supposedly "super." We're talking about a real life, been-there-done-that hero. We've found one, and her name is Emma Morano.

This lovely lady is the last known survivor of the 19th century, meaning she has legitimately seen it all.

Emma Morano was born on November 29, 1899. That's right ... she's now 117 years old. She's so old, in fact, that she's been declared by the folks over at Guinness World Records as the oldest person alive. Her secret? Daily eggs and some cookies. Now that's a diet we could get on board with. Her regimen isn't haphazardly designed, though; there's some science to it.

When Morano was diagnosed with anemia 97-odd years ago, she made a decision that may have changed the course of her life. At the time, 20-year-old Morano started eating three eggs every day.

Two of them were raw, and one of them was cooked. Anemia is marked by having a red blood cell deficiency, and eating foods such as egg yolks and red meat can help combat that.

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While eggs are certainly in Morano's wheelhouse, she doesn't eat any meat. Why? She fears that it may cause cancer. She's not the only one, as many studies have drawn connections between some red meats and ailments. In her current, 117-year-old state, though, it would be hard for her to eat meat regardless of the repercussions. Emma Morano has no teeth!

She still manages to eat her eggs along with some cookies, but other than that she can't chew much. Morano does like her brandy and, luckily for her, liquids truly require no teeth for consumption.

Other than eggs, cookies, and a little booze, Morano is a firm believer in an early bed time. She also has been single since 1938 (you do the math), and she believes her longevity be partly a result of this. If you've ever had a significant other who stressed you out, we're sure you can relate.

Emma Morano is the type of hero that many of us need. She'll stand behind you as you reach for another cookie, she'll ignore the fact that you can't cook eggs properly, and she'll hand you a bottle of brandy early enough in the day to make it to bed on time.

Oh, and it's not bad that you're still single, it's just good planning. She's seen three generations, and we're not certain that she won't see three more.

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