The Oak Bottle Lets You Barrel-Age Your Favorite Drink In Your Own Home

Imagine being able to sip on all your favorite beverages in barrel-aged form. With The Oak Bottle, you can! Beer, spirits, wine, or even cocktails can go from ordinary to extraordinary within hours. This is the barrel-aging vessel oak lovers have been waiting for.

Unlike barrel-aging in a cask which can take months or even years, The Oak Bottle turns your beverage into oak aged within hours. Now when the tap runs dry on your favorite barrel-aged beer you don't have to be bummed out that you need to wait for another release. You can buy your own bottle and barrel-age it at home instead.

Our cocktail enthusiasts new favorite must have tool for barrel aging in a flash

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Buying your own oak barrel is expensive, not to mention difficult to get your hands on. For the craft cocktail bartender and wine enthusiast, that can be a problem.

Unlike a typical barrel of beer which holds 31 gallons, the 100 percent American White Oak Bottle comes in three nifty sizes.

There's The Oak Bottle Micro (150ml) for $59.99, The Oak Bottle Mini (355) for $69.99, or The Oak Bottle (750ml) for $79.99. So when you want to experiment and keep your bar menu fresh, you don't have to worry about time or quantity.


There's something about oak that imparts a smooth, refined flavor that elevates the status of a beverage. With of The Oak Bottle, you can elevate that status in more than one way.

For the virgin oak lovers, The Oak Bottle is best. But for those that are looking for something a little extra with their oak-aging vessel you can add your own custom flavor.

There's a Coffee, Smoke, Citrus Bottle, and even a Sherry Conditioned Oak Bottle. Adding complex flavors and aroma, there is an Oak Bottle for each palette.

Here they are, the full "LUX Oak Bottle" line up. Aren't they beautiful?

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Along with custom flavors, you can customize the design of your Oak Bottle.

If you're looking for something a little more special, use the laser engraved tattoo option and make your bottle more personable.

The top of the bottle is designed with a cork stopper for an easy pour straight from the bottle. All bottles are 100 percent American Oak with a medium char that infuses your beverages with a beautiful oak finish.

When reusing the bottle, you can rinse it out for a fresh start, or pour your next beverage in to experiment with even more flavor. Either way, it won't take up more space than a bottle of wine.

Forget large oak barrels, chips, and spirals. Those all take time. The Oak Bottle infuses the aroma and flavor of oak you want, in the time you need.

Within 2 to 48 hours, depending on your preference, you can sip away on the beautiful flavors of oak. If you love the flavors of oak, then this is the bottle meant for you.

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