Lay's Unveils the New Potato Chip Flavor from Annual Flavor Competition

Lay's has released some amazing products. Recently, the chip moguls put out three chip flavors that were chosen by fans. Fried Green Tomato was our personal favorite. They also created Crispy Taco-flavored chips and an Everything Bagel variety. These three flavors were part of the Do Us A Flavor contest. Weeks later, the people have spoken.

The new Lay's potato chip flavor is...

Crispy Taco is the winner! You may be wondering, though, what that means. We'll explain in just a moment.  Each of the three Do Us A Flavor contestants submitted his or her dream Lay's flavor. The three finalists were Ellen Sarem, Gregory Pope, and Lindsay Hoffman.

Hoffman submitted the Everything Bagel concept. Pope was responsible for our favorite, Fried Green Tomato, and Sarem was the victor. Her idea, the Crispy Taco, was voted for thousands of times.

The cool thing about the Do Us A Flavor contest was that it was real. That is to say, the flavors were submitted as concepts and then Lay's actually produced them. Once produced, fans had ample time to purchase and sample each submission.

This year, Crispy Taco took home the crown. It was the fourth winner in the Do Us A Flavor annual contest. Past winners include Southern Biscuits and Gravy and Cheesy Garlic Bread. Like past winners, Lay's Crispy Taco will continue to be available in stores.

We nearly forgot Sarem's prize beyond the flavor-based glory. She is the lucky recipient of one million dollars. That's right, Lay's dished out a million bucks to her as a congratulations for winning the contest.

We did not participate in the Do Us A Flavor sweepstakes this year. You better bet your bottom dollar, though, that we'll be crafting up a wicked idea before next year's contest pops up.

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