The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in Every State

We've already shown you the most popular fast-food breakfasts in every state, but which chain holds the title no matter what time of day? Using data compiled from Foursquare check-ins, Business Insider popped out this animated map, which shows us some surprising things.

Chik-fil-A reigns supreme, ranking as the restaurant with the most Foursquare check-ins in 24 states, concentrated in the East and Southeast. McDonald's - second place by a surprising margin - is No. 1 in just 17 states in the North and Northeast.

Business Insider

In-N-Out has a solid foothold in the Southwestern states - save for New Mexico, that is, which stands by Sonic Drive-In as its favorite check-in.

Wisconsinites prefer Culver's; Hawaiians love their Zippy's; Oregonians stand by Burgerville; Washingtonians prefer Dick's; and Wendy's is a favorite for folks in New Jersey.

Perhaps more interesting to note is who didn't make the cut. Not one of the 50 states picked Burger King or Taco Bell as their top choice.

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