The Lucky Charms Sweepstakes is Giving Away 10,000 Marshmallow-Only Cereal Boxes

A box of Lucky Charms filled with nothing but marshmallows is every child's dream. No one can deny saving all those sweet, brightly colored marbits - yes they have a name - until the end. In honor of all those marbit lovers, General Mills is hosting a Lucky Charms sweepstakes giving away cereal boxes of marshmallow-only cereal!

Bringing back waves of nostalgia, the marshmallow-only boxes will be given away to 10,000 lucky winners. When you purchase one of the specially marked boxes of Lucky Charms, you will find a 14-digit code inside that you can enter online at Marshmallow Only for your chance to win.

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So what genius do we have to thank for these limited-edition boxes? Priscilla Zee was the marketing manager behind the madness, stating:

"Fans of Lucky Charms are obsessed with our marshmallows. We were overwhelmed with calls, e-mails, and tweets last year, asking for a box of our Lucky Charms marshmallows. So this year we wanted to give them even more opportunities to win."

General Mills hosted a similar competition back in 2015, but only 10 winners received the marshmallow-only boxes. Now appeasing the masses, General Mills has upped the game to five-figures and is letting the sweepstakes run until December 2017 to give fans a fair chance.

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The cereal isle is about to explode as these special boxes are sure to send fans into a tizzy. For all you diehards, the original Lucky Charms marshmallows - clovers, hearts, stars, and moon - as well as the newbies will all be included.

If your cereal box promo code leaves you disappointed, then you can hop on over to Amazon and order your marshmallow-only cereal. Or you can pick out all the dried kibble looking pieces and pretend that you won. Either way, it's a win-win.

For those looking to play, the specially marked boxes have already hit the shelves, so get shopping.

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