The Irish Put Their Whiskey to the Test Against America, and Guess Who Won

When it comes to whiskey, the Irish have it nailed down. Bringing the world one of the most beloved whiskies of all - Jameson - Irish whiskey is top notch. But America has some heavy hitters that give the Irish a run for their money - Jack Daniel's, Bulleit, and the favorite shot and beer combo, Jim Beam. So what would happen if the finest American whiskey was put up against the Irish?

Only the Irish could be the judge of that. Conducting the ultimate battle of the whiskeys, Facts. had a panel of Irish judges blindly taste Irish versus American whiskey. There's no way America is coming out on top of this one - or so one would assume.

Testing the finest of bourbons, Jack Daniels beat Teeling two-to-one - not a bad start. Then when the alcohol pungent Bushmills was put to the test, it didn't stand a chance against the smooth flavor of Bulleit Rye. Even the Irish know you can't pass on the Bulleit.

What everyone is waiting for though, is the Jameson. No questions about it, its got to be Jameson hands down. Right?

Mmmmm, cod liver and laptop case. Not exactly what I'm looking for in a glass of whiskey. Jim Beam, it looks like you've done America proud.

An American kick versus an Irish kiss, even the Irish prefer a good kick. And good ol' Mark Twain could attest to that.

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