The 15 Foods People Love to Hate, According to Redditors

When it comes to food, the masses can get pretty worked up. Marriages have failed because of differences in hot dog condiment preferences. Friendships have ended after heated debates over Twizzlers versus Red Vines. Households have been divided by arguments on whether to refrigerate ketchup.

And just as foodies love to rave about their favorite flavor of Froyo, their most beloved 90s snack, their grandma's tamales, and the McRib, they also love to hate on the yucky, the bland, and the just-plain wrong.

To find out the online generation's most detested eats and treats, we took to the almighty Reddit. Here are 15 foods people love to hate, according to Redditors. Warning: This might ruin your appetite.

1. Miracle Whip

According to Kraft, Miracle Whip is considered a "dressing" rather than mayonnaise because of it's low oil content.

2. Pickles

Did you know that the first pickle was made way back in 2400 B.C.E.? Yep, even Cleopatra claimed that eating pickles was the secret behind her beauty. 

3. Cilantro

Scientifically speaking, 4-14% of people think that cilantro tastes exactly like soap. The reason actually seems to be a shared group of genes that can specifically pick up the scent shared by both cilantro and soap.

4. Black Licorice

While here in the states we might turn our heads away from licorice, nations like Finland and Sweden love the stuff.

5. Pineapple Pizza

You are either a pineapple lover or a hater.

6. Anchovies

While they may not be a favorite for everyone, anchovies are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Durian Fruit

One sniff and you'll understand why this fruit is on the top of the list.

8. Mustard

Ketchup and, oh, yea, mustard.

9. Candy Corn

The ingredients in candy corn include sugar, corn syrup, powdered sugar, salt, gelatin, flavoring, and colors.

10. Vienna Sausages

These canned sausages are definitely not from Vienna.

11. Brussel sprouts

Roast them up and you'll never say, "yuck" again.

12. Liver

It's a recipe you had to grow up with.

13. Circus Peanuts

Did you know that circus peanuts are banana-flavored?

14. Bologna

We still have the jingle in our heads.

15. Olives

Olive you glad olive oil doesn't taste exactly like brined olives?

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