The World's First Avocado Bar to Open in (Where Else?) NYC

Avocado lovers - and Californians on the East Coast - brace yourself because the first avocado bar has arrived. Giving patrons what they crave, Avocaderia in New York will begin serving up all things avocado on April 10th. Located inside the Food Hall at Industry City in Sunset Park Brooklyn, this avocado bar is were healthy meets absolute delectable.

Avocaderia's menu is not all salads and avocado toast - although they have that, too. Taking inspiration from ethnic cuisine around the world, the menu offers patrons dishes like Shichimi from Japan and Duqqa from Egypt. Featuring raw ingredients and non-invasive cooking techniques, only the finest of ingredients are worthy of accompanying the supreme quality of their avocados.

At Avocaderia they are concerned not only with the quality of product, but making sure it's also fair trade. That's why they take part in Equal Exchange Organic Avocado. All of their avocados are farmed in the Mexican State of Michoacán by local farmers, then traded fairly to the United States.

Honoring where the avocados come from and who farms them is part of Avocaderia's mission. They only deal with suppliers that respect the rights of their employees along with the environment.

Why the love for avocados? Because they just make everything better. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, Florence native Francesco Brachetti fell in love with avocados.

Inspired by the fruit he joined partnership with his cousin, chef Alberto Gramini, and friend Alessandro Biggi to open up the organic take-out style bar, Avocaderia.

Creamy, delicious, and causing salivating at the mere sight of the smooth green flesh is reason enough to feature a whole bar themed around avocados. And yet beyond their crave worthy flavor avocados are packed full of health benefits that your body needs.

Avocados contain 22 essential vitamins - such as folate, potassium, and fiber - that give you smooth skin and a healthy immune system. For those worried about the fat content, avocados are a healthy fat. They're also gluten-free and 100% vegan so everyone can enjoy! Unless of course you're allergic - then please, stay away.

My mouth is watering just thinking about the green glory this place beholds - especially the guacamole. Something tells me that Avocaderia quite possibly makes the best guacamole around.

Their Instagram page is totally drool-worthy and might change your mind about the all-avocado restaurant if you're a non-believer. Not everyone is very thrilled with the idea.

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