The Father's Day Guide to Cookbooks Made Just for Dad

For some of us, Dad is the best cook that we know. For the rest of us, Dad could use a little guidance. Whether your dad falls in either category, they can always use a cookbook that helps them explore their talents or lack thereof.

Does he love to grill? Get him the gift of pitmaster tricks and techniques. If he needs the basics, a cookbook with simple tips on pizza might be a great place to start. If you're shopping for your dad the foodie or your dad the newbie, these cookbooks are going to be a great reference for him to learn more about the world of food.

1. Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom Hardcover

pitmaster cookbook

This for the true barbecue lovers. This cookbook is a guide to becoming an expert in the world of barbecue with beginner recipes that include cooking Memphis-style ribs and smoking whole hogs.

There is so much to learn about being an official pit master and this book addresses just that. Gift him this amazing collection of recipes and tips for just $13.20 in hardcover or $11.99 for the Kindle version.

2. Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia

pizza cookbook

Who doesn't love pizza? Your pops is guaranteed to love this amazing pizza camp style cookbook. This book is the essential guide to making the best homemade pizza one could ever dream of.

This instructional cookbook dives into the importance and intricacies of dough, sauce and cheese. How do you prepare the perfect pizza? This book gets into just that more and you can get it for your pops for just $19.46 in hardcover or $11.99 on the Kindle.

3. Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories

shake shack

Although Dad may love his weekly visit to the beloved Shake Shack, he could probably save loads of money by concocting his own Shake Shack speciality.

With over 70 recipes and several stories and tips, your dad will be giving the popular burger brand a run for their money. Give him the chance to learn all he needs to know about the popular empire for just $16.16 in hardcover or $13.99 on the Kindle.

4. Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

man cookbook

If Dad is still taking his time on learning how to cook some good manly meals, this cookbook is the ultimate guide. This book includes 75 recipes for men who love to eat, cook and read about amazing food.

This will get your pops heading in the direction he needs to go when working in the kitchen and it's available for $16.24 in hardcover.

5. Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

thug kitchen cookbook

If you've got a dad like mine, you know that he should probably be eating healthier foods. My dad complains constantly that he hates eating bad, but doesn't know what to cook. This cookbook is the answer for the pops out there that don't know where to start.

This book will guide them thorough healthy recipes that don't totally suck. I mean Pumpkin Chili? That sounds delicious. Get him started with this cool book for $14.59 in hardcover or for $9.99 on the Kindle.

Start with these awesome cookbooks for your dad and you'll be amazed with what he can cook up in the kitchen!