The Dos and Don'ts of Attending (and Enjoying) a Crawfish Boil

It's that time of year again: Crawfish season. It's the ultimate mark that spring is coming, and everyone's getting geared up. Soon enough, there won't be a place in your town not throwing a boil, or friends and family throwing one of their own. Whether or not you've attended a boil before is irrelevant when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of one of these joints.

There are people everywhere, food you've probably never seen before or in such mass quantities, and paper towels galore. What's up with all of this, and how can you tackle it like a pro? Worry not, young grasshopper, we've got you covered.

The Dos

Do: Bring as many friends as you possibly can

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When it comes to crawfish boils, the more is definitely the merrier. Plus who else are you going to share six pounds of crawfish, corn, and potatoes with?

Do: Suck the head

All of the flavors that the crawfish is marinated in, and spiced with, goes straight to the dome, and you should most definitely get every ounce of what you're payin' for around here.

Do: Bring something

Obviously there's not much to contribute if you're going to a boil at a bar or restaurant--they've got you covered. But no one's ever mad at the person who brought a case or three of beer (just saying).

The Don'ts

Don't: Feel judged by the quantity of crawfish you order and/or eat

Listen, everyone's here with the same purpose: to chow down on crawfish and have a good time. Everything else is second nature. Go with nature--get your grub on.

Don't: Wear white, or anything that you don't mind getting a little dirty

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If this is your first go round with a boil, here's a helpful hint: it gets messy, and fast.

This is something to embrace, by all means! Just make sure your clothes are as prepared as your tummy is.

Don't: Mind your manners

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Get in there and get the most out of the experience! Boils are supposed to be fun and mingling events amongst fellow fans of crawfish, and there's no such thing as elbow room here.

Get in, get your standing place, and get your conversation on.

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