The 4 Different Variations of Fried Chicken Batter You Should Try

Fried chicken makes the world go round. The crispy delectable batter that leaves a lasting impression and can never be turned down. I'm here to show you the different types of batter so everyone gets what they want out of this amazing dish.

Stop spending money at these establishments and get your own self-satisfaction with the recipes and tips.

1. Tempura

tempura chicken
Plain Chicken

The tempura batter is very popular in Asian cuisine.

Find the recipe here.

2. Beer-Battered Chicken

beer batter chicken
Bake At Midnite

Beer batter is very similar to the tempura style you just replace the water with beer. Adds a light airy taste but still adds a little extra flavor depending on the beer you use.

Find the recipe here.

3. Pakora


This is used in Indian cuisine and actually has a lot of steps to it. This batter involves letting the chicken actually marinate in it first then the addition of the flour.

These pieces fry up very nicely and pack a powerful crunch. Find the recipe here.

4. Southern Style (Egg/Buttermilk)

This is the method used by just about every American. Whether you're at KFC, Popeyes, or your home kitchen, this is the method you have used.

Food Network

Egg batter involves coating the chicken in an egg wash (seasoned or unseasoned) then rolling in flour and frying to a nice crisp golden brown.

Get the recipe from Food Network here.

The Seaman Mom

Buttermilk fried chicken involves soaking the chicken in buttermilk then applying the same flour and fry technique.

Find the recipe here.

If you really want to keep it simple then you can roll your chicken in seasoned flour and fry it. It's easy and straight to the point. this method also leaves a nice crisp.

I use this method when I'm frying chicken to coat in a sauce like buffalo, lemon pepper, barbecue, and others.

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