Falling Frozen Pork Lands on Florida Man's Roof from Nowhere

Oh, Fort Lauderdale. A city on the coast, known for boating and fun in the sun. Yachts, canals, and upscale restaurants and boutiques are scattered in and around this Floridian gem. Be careful, though. In between those boats and fancy hotels you may find a chunk of hog. You read that right. Recently, Fort Lauderdale experienced what will go down as the day pork flew and then fell from the sky.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, don't fret. The town that actually received a visit from the pork stork was actually Deerfield Beach. Travis Adair and family were the targets in what can only be described as the most recent reject of hog heaven.

At around 4:00 AM one balmy July Saturday morning, a 15-pound bag of pork hunks landed in the Adair family's yard. The family awoke to a loud bag, alerting them something was wrong.

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It wasn't thunder they heard, oh no. Jennie Adair, the wife of Travis, found two bundles beside the house. Their son, Austin, found three more on the roof. We've said it already, but those bundles were packed with pork.

The Adair family's Deerfield Beach home sits near three airports. The packaging on the pork belonged to a man who lives a whopping 170 miles away in Myakka City.

That man, Jim Williams, bought some pigs in January of this year. He kept some meat and gave some meat away, but he's hog-tied when it comes to figuring out how some of it landed on a roof on Deerfield Beach.

The story went viral, being featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While some people look forward to such freakish news, we're both hungry and confused. We probably would've tried to salvage the meat, but the Adairs didn't. They're in luck, though; Williams has offered to throw them a barbecue to make up for the meaty mishap.

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