The Classic Vanilla Cake: 21 Beautiful Wedding Cakes

The classic vanilla cake has recently been turned inside out with the #nakedcake trend. Five years ago, most thought vanilla cake was as boring a flavor as they come, which is why every vanilla cake you ever had growing up was hidden beneath a pile of buttercream frosting. How little did you know that you were going about it all wrong.

It turns out that frosting is the culprit for the "boring" reputation that vanilla cake earned. Such a simple, sugary coating offers too much compensation to an otherwise subtly flavored cake. Thankfully though, naked cakes are beginning to make their mark in the mainstream.

Without being suffocated by a thick, white coat, vanilla cake is now being allowed to shine. Its flavors can be masterfully manipulated to have the spicy undertones of Tahitian vanilla or a more caramel-y hint from bourbon vanilla. Its facade is now much more interesting.

Without so much frosting, cake decorators have had to get creative. Using flowers, dyes, and sugar, cake artists have used naked cakes to take wedding cake design to a whole new level.

1. Metallic Waterfall

You don't need layers of frosting when you can have a gold accent to really jazz up the presentation.

2. Clean Symmetry

But then again, who even says that you need any frosting on the outside at all? Sometimes it's just all about that cake.

3. Natural Enhancement

Adding some berries, greenery, thistles, and flowers really makes your cake top tier. You will never even notice the lack of frosting.

4. Flavors First

Naked Cake.!

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Naked cakes are great. Now you'll never be surprised by a filling flavor that you don't like. Instead, you can even see every single flavor of frosting you're about to indulge in!

5. Wonderfully Woodsy

So beautiful by a fireside. Everything about this two-tiered mini cake is infused with beauty.

6. A Desert-Inspired Delight

Use the natural flora around you to create a cake that is as unique as the corner of the world in which you live.

7. Berry Delicious

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Forget frosting. Load up on berries instead! You may even be able to claim that your cake is healthy because of its fruit content.

8. Stupendous Simplicity

Bolo Naked Espatulado, com flores naturais e folhas de oliveira ???? #mariteceolin #sweetsandcakes #nakedcake

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Perfectly proportioned, perfectly frosted, perfectly decorated. Simple perfection.

9. A Dollop of Daisy

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This cake is beautifully homemade. Slightly lopsided and with dollops of frosting, it really looks like someone just splashed a carton of Daisy cream onto the sides of this delectable treat. Then, naturally, they topped it with real daisies to enhance the effect.

10. A Puff of Powered Sugar

Puff some powered sugar atop your cake and make your favorite flowers the topper. So quick and easy you can bake this for any occasion. However, it's still elegant enough to make an appearance at a wedding.

11. Flower Power

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The power and elegance of roses is clearly apparent in this wedding cake. Why not do the same for yours and channel that love vibe?

12. Cake of Honor

Naked cakes are not only beautiful, but they are simple. It's elegant simplicity at its finest. So much so, that they not only make great wedding cakes, but they also make gorgeous gifts from the MOH to the bride.

13. Petite Perfection

Two people come together in a perfect union just like the layers of this cake. What more could you ask for in a wedding?

14. Scrumptiously Stacked

Impress your guests with sheer size instead of deco. A naked cake makes it an achievable ideal because each tier won't be weighed down by five pounds of frosting.

15. Plain Jane

But first, cake. #nakedcake

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The meaning of plain Jane will never be the same again.

16. Donut Delight

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If you really like a little something extra on you cake, why not do something a little more creative than fondant decor? Like donuts for instance?

17. Just Add Florals

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Even the smallest cake looks a little more sophisticated when the focus is on the cake itself.

18. Daringly Dyed

When your cake is frosting-less, there become so many more reasons to color your vanilla batter and frosting. Mainly just because it looks awesome.

19. Glitz and Gold

One of our favorite cakes to date. Love this one @ruzecakehouse!! ? #arizonaweddings #elchorroweddings

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So sweet in every way, this design just might take the cake.

20. One Tier Wonder

Who says you need more than one tier for a spectacular presentation? This cake will prove otherwise.

21. French Fancy

De-lish #nakedcake #thelittlecartofblooms #weddingcake [email protected]____

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Layered with French macarons and flowers, this cake is certainly fancy in a much more sophisticated way than most.

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