The Fresno Grizzlies Paid Homage to the Nashville Sounds with the Chickle

One minor league baseball team has unveiled the latest and certainly most bizarre food mashup we've seen yet. As Sports Illustrated reports, on May 17 and 18, fans of the Fresno Grizzlies attending the team's four-game set against the Nashville Sounds got their hands on a new dish called a chickle -- a dill pickle, sliced lengthwise and stuffed full of Nashville-style hot chicken.

The Chickle's mascot is an anthropomorphized, baseball-tossing pickle/chicken hybrid straight from Dr. Moreau's island.


The Chickle was available during those two days only, and there's no word if the Fresno Grizzlies, or some other mad culinary scientist, will unleash it upon the rest of the country.

Judging by the rise in pickle popularity lately, especially with the release of Pickle Juice Soda, the pickle inventions aren't anywhere near finished yet.

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