8 Features of Remarkably Cozy Kitchens We Want to Live In

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Probably an awful lot. For most people, kitchens have a way of becoming unofficial living rooms. So why wouldn't you make you kitchen just a little more comfortable and a little less kitcheny?

Incorporate everyday furniture, art, and whimsical pieces into your cooking space. Not only will this make your kitchen so much more appealing to look at, but maybe it will also give you a little extra culinary inspiration.

1. Kitchen Art

artwork kitchen
Apartment Therapy.

Normally in your kitchen there is just barely enough room to store your pots and pans let alone hang artwork. However, a little art can go a long way.

And when you have a lot of art, the effect is tremendous.

2. Formidable Fireplaces

Are you cold? Do you need to bake a pizza? Does your kitchen need a little more light?

Whatever the reason, you definitely need a fireplace in your kitchen. Talk about a cozy kitchen.

3. Living Kitchen

Kill two birds with one stone and convert your kitchen into a living and dining room. What a perfect solution for small-living!

Even if you aren't restricted on space, the effect is just so homey.

4. Old Meets New

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So many times we think that only the newest and sleekest objects belong in our kitchen. After all, innovation means better cooking. Right?

Sometimes though, adding a little (or a lot) of flair from the past adds warmth and personality to your kitchen that you wouldn't get if you had designed it to look just like the catalogue.

5. Smooth Transitions

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Add interesting dimension to your kitchen through art and custom fixtures. Changing the lines that typically flow through a kitchen leaves your guests guessing and sets the stage for innovation and inspiration in your kitchen.

6. Colorful Compilations

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Streamlined is out. Cozy, cluttered, and colorful is in.

7. Added Antiques

antiques in kitchen
A Country Farmhouse.

Shelves are not just for dishes! Nor is displaying family heirlooms and funky finds just for the living room.

Open up your kitchen to the possibility of telling a story and express yourself by adding some unusual pieces onto open shelves in your kitchen.

8. Just Add Pets

dog kitchen
Sang Koh.

According to health codes, animals should not come around an area where food is being prepared. But when you're at home in your own cozy kitchen you make the rules, right?

Besides having a friend in the kitchen makes cooking so much more enjoyable!

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