World Series of Barbecue to Erect the World's Largest Rib Billboard Because BBQ

Great barbecue can tempt even the strongest of wills. That's why some small circles refer to it as the vegan-ender of cuisine. Just the small of baby back ribs can turn a greens-only person into an extra-sauce-please kinda guy. The American Royal Association gets this, and that's why they host the World Series of Barbecue.

The billboard for this year's World Series of Barbecue is incredibly tantalizing, and it's also positively giant.


The World Series of Barbecue will be held over Labor Day Weekend. If you've followed it before, you probably noted that it has shifted from its normal October time slot.

This year is the 38th installment of the event, and American Royal has been spreading the word for a bit now. They've been doing so with giant forks.

Fork in the road for American Royal BBQ? Stay tuned to find out! #ARLiveLarge #AR2017BBQ

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The company has been slowly leaking hints that something big has been coming. Judging by the giant forks, you could probably guess that that something big would be similarly giant barbecue.

That guess is exactly right.

Go big or go home. Or is it go RIB or go home? Find out here. #ARLiveLarge #AR2017BBQ

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On Monday, the world's largest rack of ribs will be erected on a billboard. Those giant forks we've been seeing will hold it up.

The company wanted to simply state that the World Series of Barbecue is a big deal, and a big ol' rack o' ribs billboard was what they came up with.

Where’s our big fork going? Find out on Monday. #ARLiveLarge #AR2017BBQ

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The billboard is hitting Kansas City news, so if you live there keep your eyes peeled for the sky-high rib sign. The event itself will be in Wyandotte County, Kansas.

There will be a public festival to go along with the ribs. Expect to see cocktails, a beer garden, live music, and an area to sample the BBQ. Bringing the kiddos? No problem. You can send them to the petting zoo or a rock climbing wall while you sip on a brew and eat a bit of 'cue.

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