The Biersafe Acts Like a Time Capsule, Keeping Your Beer Underground

How far would you go to protect your rare beer? Far enough to put it in its own safe? We thought so. Let the other connoisseurs show off their cellar collection while you keep yours locked tight for safe keeping with the Biersafe. The Biersafe is the underground bunker your beer has been waiting for.

Why leave your prized bottles out in the open where anyone can get to them? With the Biersafe, you can rest assured no one will "accidentally" crack open your bottle of shall we say an Allagash Coolship, or worse, Westvleteren 12. The Biersafe plastic tube holds up to 16 beers in an aluminum and steel interior beer rack that can be stored in the cool ground for safe keeping.

There's no need for a temperature controlled basement cellar and visible safe when you have the Biersafe. For a one time fee of $130, you can store your beer in a cool environment without worrying about an electricity bill from the mini fridge.


The catch? Well, you have to live in Germany. Or have a friend who lives there to intercept it for you.

The Biersafe is the adult version of a time capsule. It's like that shoebox you filled with baseball cards and comic books that you buried underground, except far tastier. Once you have your beers locked inside the tube, dig a whole that the dog won't find and bury your Biersafe inside of it.


Then rest assured knowing that your beer is safe. And when the time finally comes to crack open one of those bottles for a special occasion, don't worry about bringing a bottle opener because the Biersafe features a bottle opener on the top. They certainly did think of everything, didn't they.

If you want to be certain your favorite beers don't get into the wrong hands, get the Biersafe for only $130. With all the money and time you spent collecting those rare bottles around the world, they deserve to be locked away for safe keeping.


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