This Is the Best Way to Salt Your Tomatoes

Upon grabbing a juicy, vibrant ripe red tomato, you may have encountered the question as to whether it is best to salt or not to salt. Salting facilitates a chemical reaction that brings out the acids, thus enhancing the overall flavor. On the other hand, salting breaks down the cell walls leading to all the liquid oozing out - and no body wants to ruin a perfectly ripe tomato.

So is there a way to enhance the flavors without turning them into V-8?

Yes, there is. With some food science, FudeHouse shows us the ideal way to salt our gorgeous tomatoes. Rather than sprinkling on the salt, brining is that way to go.

A calculated solution of water and salt will get the most out of your tomatoes, while preventing them from turning to mush. And as a bonus tip, FudeHouse shows how to really slice a tomato.

Okay, so the math may be sending you back to grade school and leaving you to wonder if you are indeed smarter than a fifth grader.

So think of it this way, a cup of water, or tomato juice, along with a pinch of salt equals tomatoes bursting in flavor. Now that's not so hard to remember.

Unless of course you want to make your own tomato juice, then please, salt away!

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