The Mood-Lifting Benefits of Cooking for Yourself and Others

Cooking alone is time-efficient and saves money, but cooking with and for others can amplify and enhance your relationships, too. You know the feeling you get when someone takes the time and puts in the effort to plan and cook a meal for you, and you feel beyond loved? Or how about when you were growing up, and your mom always made your favorite meal every Sunday night for the family.

These moments slowly become ones that we will cherish for a time to come, and we should. Knowing how we feel when someone does something as heartwarming (and filling) as prepare a whole meal for you just because, then why don't we do it more often?

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When you cook with your significant other, or your family, a sense of purpose and gratitude washes over you, letting you know that you're doing something good; something out of pure love. Pure love is all one can hope for, and if you can get that out of a meal, why would you not?

Cooking in itself is a good way to stimulate and uplift your mood. It elevates your senses, releasing all of those feel-good endorphins. When you hear the blender going off, you know that something delicious is being made. When you smell the fresh bread baking in the oven, you know you're crafting something that will fulfill all of your senses hopes and dreams.

If you or anyone you know is stressed out, cooking is a great way to alleviate that stress and bring out happy endorphins again. Known for its meditative qualities because of the repetitive tasks and calming nature of a to b instructions. You can also practice mindfulness while cooking, too!

All it takes is focusing in on each task throughout the process, taking in each moment for what it is. Be present, and enjoy the ability to do each task, and what each task means.

If you're in a relationship, cooking is a great way to strengthen it and create lasting bonds between the two of you. When you cook together, you can showcase your ability to be and act as a part of a team, helping one another with certain tasks, getting the tomatoes out of the refrigerator door and passing it to them, or even looking on and partaking in conversation can only better the bond between the two of you.

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The same is true for cooking with friends, as it brings a group of people together who likely wouldn't otherwise come together, and enjoy a night of good food and good conversation.

Ultimately, cooking is a great way to lift your mood and strengthen your relationships, whichever relationships they may be. Cheers to that!

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