This Half-Pound Peanut Butter Burger Is Worth Every Single Calorie

Peanut butter burger can only mean so many things. The BBQ Pit Boys, renowned YouTube pit masters, present their half-pound peanut butter burger recipe. You won't regret trying this one. According to the BBQ Pit Boys, you simply must use ground chuck for good-tasting burgers. Do we disagree? Not one bit. They use two pounds of it to yield four burgers. That's right, these are half-pound burgers.

The next ingredient is creamy peanut butter. If you're a health nut, get the stuff that only lists peanuts on the ingredients list. Otherwise, the video suggests using your favorite brand. Done deal. You'll need whole, salted peanuts, too. And, if you're into dairy, you'll want some cheese.

They include "some" soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and hot sauce, too. When you watch the video, you'll be able to get an approximation for how much "some" actually is. Salt, pepper, garlic, red pepper, paprika, and fennel are also included in the mix. If you don't want to gather those separately, you can checkout the Boys' own SPG Seasoning by clicking here.

Step one is to season the ground chuck. Then, you mix one heaping tablespoon of peanut butter in with the seasoned meat. Salted peanuts are next. You're supposed to smash them before mixing them into the peanut butter and ground chuck combo. (Disclaimer: The BBQ Pit Boys suggest using a two-by-four. If you do this, obviously film it, but know that we don't recommend it.)

After shaping the burgers, including a thumb print in the middle of the patty so they don't explode, PB sauce is next. This is made with two tablespoons of peanut butter, some soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and the "optional" hot sauce. (Just use it. You won't regret it.)

The sauce, in the video, is made in a cast-iron skillet. They pour a little beer in it for good measure, too. Next, the patties are cooked mid to mid-rare, the cheese is melted on, and the buns are slathered with PB sauce. The BBQ Pit Boys put onions and some barbecue sauce on, and it looks deadly good. Our mouths are still watering over this one, folks.

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