Amazon's Dash Wand Makes You Feel Like the Harry Potter of Cooking

Sometimes I find grocery shopping to be quite therapeutic. I put in headphones and peruse the chip aisle with confidence. However, most of the time, grocery shopping can seem like a burden with everything else I have going on. However, with the Amazon Dash Wand, I can shop my must-have items from the comfort of my own home.

Operating similar to the Amazon Dash Buttons, with one simple click you can find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy or reorder essentials, and when all else fails, you can find a nearby restaurant for when it comes time to throw in your chef's hat. All you have to do is purchase the wand for $20 and then set it up with your Amazon account. Watch it in action.

Amazon Dash Wand With Alexa


The wand itself operates off of WiFi so you can shop your essentials without ever having to leave the house. But how does it actually work? Quite simply if you ask me.

You can say what you need or scan the barcode and Amazon will do the rest of the work for you. It's so simple, you have to wonder, is it magic?

Once you get your wand set up, a $20 credit will be added back to your shopping cart for the next time that you shop for an eligible item. Also included in this great deal is a free 90 day trial to AmazonFresh for Prime Members. With AmazonFresh, you can have meats, produce, and everyday favorites delivered straight to your door.

This wand is revolutionizing how you stock up your kitchen. Don't waste another moment making multiple trips to the grocery store. With this wand, you can have the complete shopping experience you've always wanted.