Need a Vacation? Take a Trip for the 7 Best Tacos in California

Eureka! We have found the seven best tacos in California. The sunny Golden State may be known for its movie stars, earthquakes, and annual sunshiny weather, but California also straddles Mexico and makes some of the best tacos in the United States.

From barbacoa to the Lebanese-fusion al pastor filled tacos, this state has everything a taco-lover will need to satisfy their cravings. So, join us on a tour of the best tacos in California, and let us know, did your favorite taco make the list?

1. San Diego & Chula Vista: Tacos El Gordo's Adobada Tacos

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Tacos El Gordo's specializes in Tijuana-style tacos topped with made-from-scratch-daily salsas and guacamole. Their adobada tacos take pork to the next level, laced with authentic Mexican spices, this taco will leave your taste buds tingling with happiness.

With two locations in California and three in the Las Vegas area, this sprawling family owned and operated business excels at taking quality ingredients and serving them to their customers piping hot and delicious.

2. San Francisco: El Farolito's Cabeza Tacos


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It is a no-brainer that if you're ever in the Bay Area you need to immediately find yourself at El Farolito ordering the cabeza tacos. Yes, cabeza means head and, yes, these tacos are pretty smart, but trust me if you're squeamish, this taco joint elevates this otherwise unique ingredient to the next level of taco heaven.

Topped with fresh salsa verde, cilantro, and crunchy onions these tacos will take you straight to the streets of Mexico, no passport needed.

3. El Centro: Antojito Como En Casa's Crunchy Beef Tacos Plate

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Straddling the Mexican/Californian border, it is no wonder that Antojito Como En Casa's tacos are some of the best in California. My suggestion is the mouth-watering crunchy beef tacos plate served with rice, beans, and crunchy tacos piled high with zesty beefy, fire roasted salsa, and plenty of cheese.

This taco dive is loved among the locals and a must-stop for any tourist passing through on their way to Mexicali.

4. Sacramento, West Sacramento, & Roseville: Chando's Tacos' Asada Tacos

With two locations in Sacramento, one in West Sacramento, and one in Roseville, this growing business in known for their asada tacos. Chando's Tacos hand crafts their corn tortillas and believes that this ingredient can either make or break a taco.

Specializing in authentic Tijuana-style tacos, Chando's Tacos makes all of its food from scratch daily and tops its asada tacos with creamy homemade guacamole salsa.

5. Lynwood: Balam Mexican Kitchen's Chicharron Tacos

Balam Mexican Kitchen's secret menu chicharron tacos come with pickled red onions, fresh cilantro, and your choice of red or green salsa. This smothered pork belly makes for a rich, stick-to-your-ribs taco that will fill your belly without breaking the bank.

Be sure to pair these tacos with a spicy michelada made from Mexican beer and perfumed with authentic Mexican flare.

6. Redding: Roquitos Taqueria's Barbacoa Tacos

Often named the best barbacoa in town by the locals who eat here on the regular, Roquitos Taqueria is a divvy taco joint that specializes in fresh, authentic Mexican flavors. They top their barbacoa with pico de gallo, cilantro, and lime juice for a mix of fatty decadence and crisp, fresh flavors.

Did I mention they also smoke their barbacoa and other meats in house? Just another reason to take a trip out to this taco place in Redding.

7. Santa Ana: Taqueria El Zamorano's Al Pastor Tacos

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Al pastor tacos are filled with a Lebanese-fusion, shawarma-grilled pork and pineapple filling that will have your tummy begging for seconds. Taqueria El Zamorano was re-opened in 2014 by Nicolas and Ernestina Aguilar with the hopes of keeping their culinary delights in the hearts and mouths of all who pass through their doors.

One bite of these tacos and this place will always be on you must-stop list when you pass through Santa Ana.

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