The 5 Winter Dishes You Should Make, from Gordon Ramsay Himself

When it comes to winter, there are a few staple ingredients that initially come to mind, one being peppermint. However, peppermint isn't that versatile of an ingredient, and you surely don't want it in your vegetable stew on a cold winter day. But what else is there that scream winter?

According to Gordon Ramsey, there are five winter meals to have up your sleeve, and that's not a suggestion --it's an order.

So, to recap, the five dishes are as follows.

1. Roasted Tomato Soup

As is expected, each of these dishes are from scratch, and this roasted tomato soup is no exception. With the addition of red onion for sweetness and garlic for flavor, you're set up for a win at the get-go. Opposed to starting things off in a pot, Ramsey suggests to start things off over the stove, then send it straight to the oven for about 20 minutes, then back to the stove.

Why? Because this allows the tomatoes to roast instead of stew, giving it additional flavors you wouldn't normally get from a basic tomato stew. Don't forget your cheesy toast to devour your soup with, either!

2. Beef Brisket

Before you get overly intimidated by the addition of brisket -- and the time it generally takes to make it -- hear Ramsay out. Yes, brisket is known for its low price point, and slow cook time. Here, Ramsay brines his brisket in a pot, adds broth,  herbs, and hot water to braise.

After the water begins to boil, you simply transfer the pot into the oven for around three hours and there you have it; perfectly moist and drool-worthy brisket for everyone to swoon over.

3. Spiced Rice Pudding

Rice pudding, or any pudding, is generally made with the addition of some type of vanilla. Whether it be the bean, extract or powder, vanilla is necessary staple for all things pudding.

In the nature of homemade, Ramsay actually takes a vanilla pod and scrapes the seeds directly out of it to make an overwhelmingly addictive flavor in the rice pudding itself. If that doesn't make you want to make this dish, we don't know what will.

4. Shepherd's Pie

This British classic will have you jumping with joy when you're stretched for time. It's simple, fast and delicious. Instead of ground beef, chicken or turkey, Ramsay uses ground lamb.

Better yet, there's an overload of veggies and spices, giving this classic dish a revamp in taste, texture, and overall deliciousness.

5. Apple and Cranberry Crumble

If you thought you had to put actual caramel or some other sticky and less-than-nutritious substance on the base or within your crumble, Ramsay challenges you to think again.

He grates apples (yes, grates them) to create the caramelized base to the crumble. If you're concerned about an overload of sweetness, add the apple's seeds to tone it down.

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