Minimalist Bartending: The 3 Tools You Need for Your Home Bar

When you're building up your bar at home, it's rather tempting to go out and buy all the latest tools and gadgets. While it would be nice to have a professional bar at home, odds are, you won't use all those fun tools you envisioned yourself needing.

There are a few essentials, however, to get you started on the right foot. Some of these essentials are even multi-functioning tools that let you do more while taking up less room. If you're building your starter bar at home, then these are the three essential tools that you can't live without. You may even find that other than the beverages of course, these are the only tools you need for a complete bar.

1. Boston Shaker

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Want to be a professional bartender? Then you need a Boston Shaker. The Boston Shaker is the professional bartender's choice when it comes to crafting cocktails. This HOMEKEROS 3 Piece Premium Boston Cocktail Shaker Bar Set is a durable three piece set for only $26.99.

The HOMEEKEROS Boston Shaker is tough enough to handle any high volume bar, so when you're using it at home it's guaranteed to last. The shaker comes with two professional grade stainless steel tins, so it won't break or crack. Other shakers can freeze, drip, or spill, but not this Stainless Steal Boston Shaker. It has an airtight seal that won't turn your cocktail into a slushie.

When you're ready to pour, use the Hawthorne strainer designed specifically for this Boston Shaker. The 100 tightly coiled springs fit snug into the shaker, ensuring only the liquid pours into your cocktail glass. This strainer is crucial when pouring the perfect cocktail, spill-free.

Whether you're mixing a margaritas or a martini, no home bar can be complete without this HOMEKEROS 3 Piece Premium Boston Cocktail Shaker Bar Set.

2. All-in-One Bartending Tool

home bar needs

Need a bar tool that does it all? This is the Swiss army knife of bartending tools. For $46, you can get the All-In-One Bartending Tool with ten uses, as opposed to buying all the tools separate and filling up the drawer.

This All-in-One Tool covers all your basis, from mixing a cocktail to opening a bottle of beer. The BAR10DER All-in-One Bartending Tool acts as a muddler, reamer, channel knife, jigger, zester, knife, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, and a bottle opener. It also comes with a bonus cocktail guide. That's a steal for only $46!

This compact design not only lets you do it all in one nifty tool, it also only takes up eight inches of space. If you're only going to buy one bar tool, then the BAR10DER All-in-One Bartending Tool is it.

3. Universal Tumbler

home bar needs

Face it, collecting the appropriate glassware for each cocktail is pricey, not too mention takes up space. Add in the appropriate glassware for each beer and wine style, and suddenly you need a room dedicated to glassware alone. Here to solve your glassware issues is the Schott Zwiesel Ivento Universal Tumbler/Stemless Wine Glasses.

These stemless wine glass tumblers are universal when it comes to beverage selection. Unlike other glassware, these tumblers allow the beverage you're drinking to breathe. So whether you're sipping on some white wine, a fancy cocktail, or a beer, the glass allows the aroma and flavor to expand. In fact, a wine glass is better for some beer - such as Belgian Ales -  as it allows for more headspace.
The set comes with six 18.6-ounce tumblers for just under $37. That's a bargain considering all the appropriate glassware you would need without it.

If you're worried about breakage, theses tumblers were designed for daily use. The tritan crystal resists breakage, chipping and scratching, and is thermal shock resistant. It's also dishwasher safe! If you had only one type of glass to choose from, then these Universal Tumblers should be it.

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