An Inexpensive Sam's Club Wine Named One of the Best in the World

From Germany's Mosel region comes an unassuming, yet beautifully bottled wine that has awed the world. And it's only sold at Sam's Club. That right, the store where most of us think to buy toilet paper and chicken nuggets in bulk is the same place where you can purchase a 1.5L bottle of 89 point wine for $10.48, without tax. It's simply too good to be true.

Indeed, for Anna Lee C. Iijma of Wine Enthusiast, the surprise at the excellence of Member's Mark Riesling couldn't properly be conveyed through words. Instead, she settled with a plea to each and every one of us to just "Drink now" and see for ourselves.

Sam's Club

She does, however, give us a clue on what to expect when she remarks on its characteristic "fruity enjoyment" that is calibrated with "revitalizing freshness"  and a tangerine tinge that is "zesty, slicked in honey and a touch of graphite." In essence, Member's Mark Riesling sounds like summer in a bottle.  

Wine Enthusiast Quantifies its Approval

Wine Enthusiast gave the bargain wine a rating of 89 points, which for those who don't know is very, very good. Especially when you consider the price point of this magnum of wine, you'll quickly realize that you can't get a better bargain. When you compare Member's Mark Riesling comparison to related wines with similar ratings, it's about $5 less for a much bigger bottle.

Recommended for pairing with seafood, pasta, poultry, and spice, you'll be able to confidently purchase a case of this easygoing wine and serve it at all your summertime dinner parties. With 9.5% ABV, this fruity wine is perhaps your best bet even for those evenings of poolside sipping before you even make it to the dinner table.

Earlier this year, Member's Mark again drew the world's attention when its Chardonnay was given a 92-point rating Beverage Tasting Institute for its excellence.

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