The 10 Things Beer-Drinkin’ Ladies Are Tired of Hearing

It can still be a shock to some to see a beer drinkin' babe enjoying a cold one with her gal pals. As a frequent beer-drinker and a woman, I am here to set the record straight. So, that the next time you see a group of ladies relaxing with a frothy beer in their hands you will know what not to say, because, quite frankly, here are the top 10 things us lady beer-drinkers are tired of hearing.

Are you guilty of thinking any of these?

1. "Wouldn't you rather order something pink and fruity?"

Nah, bro. I'd rather chug a Tecate.

2. "Calories, calories."

We all need to indulge after a long, hard any day, besides you should be worried about calories too.

3. "But, can you throw back like one of the guys?"

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Since we give birth, I am certain we can throw back cold ones just as well as the guys do.

4. "I bet you only drink that cheap, light stuff."

I am an avid Guinness-lover and I enjoy beers that I can taste - like White Rascal from Avery.

5. "You drink too much beer."

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Is that even possible? I think not.

6. "Have you ever had a shower beer?"

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Actually, very recently I have, and pretty much any chance I get I make sure to suds up with a cold one.

7. "Aren't you afraid you'll get bloated?"

Let's just say, as women, we can handle the occasional bloat.

8. "What about getting a beer belly?"

There's a pilates class for that.

9. "I bet you're really feeling it," after you've only had one beer.

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I can hold my own as well as anyone.

10. "I am so impressed to see a woman drinking beer."

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Seriously? As one of the oldest spirits, women have been drinking beer for ages now.

Cheers, ladies!

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