TGI Friday's to Begin Booze-to-Door Delivery Service with Takeout

The good times don't have to end just because you're stuck at home and can't make it to TGI Friday's. The national restaurant chain is partnering with Lash Delivery to make sure you can get your favorite cocktail and meal delivered right to your door. Dallas-based food and alcohol delivery startup Lash delivers it all: cigarettes, snacks, party supplies, mixers. They will even bring you  your favorite takeout.

Guests will order via the Friday's mobile app and add in their booze preference. You'll be able to choose from bottles of wine, 12-packs of beer and bottles of hard liquor. The Lash delivery person will first stop at the liquor store to acquire the booze, then head to Fridays for the food. Then, they delivery it all. "We're a bar-centric business," Masullo told Business Insider. "Right now, no one -- from within their own technology -- is delivering both food and alcohol."

TGI Friday's

If you want to get one of those signature TGI Friday's cocktails, there is a work around. You will be able to order an "everything but the booze" kit, which is sold by Fridays and add the suggested bottle of alcohol from the local liquor store.

Then, customers can mix it at home. On the horizon is also a bartender-for-hire concept but that won't roll out until this tested first. Houston and Dallas will be the first markets to get liquor delivery via the Friday's app around the holiday season. It will roll out across the US in early 2018.

Curious how it will work? The process is broken down in this video.

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