The 4 Texas Steakhouses on Travel + Leisure's Best Steakhouses in the U.S. List

Travel + Leisure has shared their picks for the best steakhouses in the country and Texas was not forgotten. Of the 29 restaurants across the U.S. selected, four were celebrated Texas stalwarts. The list highlights both old standbys across the country and new faces. While noting that things are changing in the steakhouse scene, the most important factor in selecting the top choices was taste and it will always be the bar setter.

As Geraldine Campbell wrote before the listing began,

"Of course, ultimately, a steakhouse is all about the beef. If you want to get geeky, the breadth of information on cuts, aging techniques, and grading is staggering (we suggest checking out The Sirloin Report). If you ask a pro--say, Suzanne Strassburger, CEO of Strassburger Meats--it all boils down to taste."

Whether you prefer a bone-in ribeye or Porterhouse for two, these are the four Texas steakhouses that execute their dishes perfectly.

Killen's Steakhouse

Pearland, Texas

The number five pick was Killen's Steakhouse in Pearland. The steaks here are sourced from Chicago's Allen Brothers and Strube Ranch in Pittsburg, Texas. Those steaks include Japanese wagyu, Nebraska corn-fed and wet aged prime cuts of filet, ribeye and strip.

If you want something a little different, try the chicken fried NY Strip or American wagyu steak burger, which is ground in-house. Incidentally, Killen's also landed on our own 'Best Steakhouses in Texas', proving it's a tried and true classic.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Dallas, Texas

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Pappas Brothers in Dallas came in at number 11. The decor here is in the classic steakhouse style with club chairs, red leather booths and a room set aside specifically for aging meat.

While you can get your share of scotch and martinis here, Travel + Leisure loved that wine still reigns supreme here. Their list is 33,000 bottles large with vintage big buck bottles and robust reds.


Houston, Texas

Not every steakhouse on the list was American-food focused. Take Churrascos, for example. The venue is the vision of chef Michael Cordúa. A Nicaraguan-born chef that has long appreciated the way South America does meat. He's got the chops, on the menu and off, to stand grillside with some of the best chefs in the country.

In fact, he is the only chef in Texas to be inducted into Food & Wine magazine's "Hall of Fame".  He was named one of America's "Top Ten Chefs" by the publication, as well. He received the Robert Mondavi Award for Culinary Excellence in 1994, and has been a James Beard Award semifinalist three times. Oh, and he was selected as one of Food & Wine's "Best New Chefs All-Stars" in 2013

T+L, like most locals, loved Churrascos' signature and namesake steak that is seasoned with chimichurri and chargrilled, a traditional way to cook steak in Latin cultures. Cordúa also offers native sides like plantain chips and beef-stuffed empanadas, along with unique takes on traditional dishes like the grilled petite filet. A classic steakhouse staple, here it's served with mild onion jalapeño crema, guacamole & grilled poblano cheese stuffed flauta.

Lonesome Dove Steakhouse

Fort Worth, Texas

It wouldn't be a steakhouse list without some love for Tim Love. The Texas chef's Lonesome Dove steakhouse in Fort Worth is built inside the famous 19th century stockyards, so it has the Insta-cred that is so important to diners today. More important than that, and the thing that has kept the Dove a go-to for years is what T+L calls "cowboy cuisine."

The menu of "impressive steaks, including a corn-finished, open-pasture New York strip, a Texas Wagyu tomahawk chop, and a grass-fed Colorado rib eye, all served with serrano lime butter" is just the start. Love likes to take it to the open range with cuts of elk, wild boar ribs and real outback faves like kangaroo carpaccio.

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