Pickle Corn Dogs, 7th Inning Cinnamon Rolls: A Look at the Texas Rangers' Ballpark Menu

Baseball season is almost here and it's time once again for the best part of the game: the ballpark food. For the 2018 season, the Texas Rangers are offering a ballpark snack line up that includes something for everyone (except maybe those trying to avoid fried food).

Here are the highlights of what's on the new Texas Rangers ballpark food menu, per Sportservice, who manages concessions at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

The Dilly Dog

texas rangers ballpark food
Delaware North Sportservice

It's a Best Maid dill pickle stuffed with an all-beef hot dog, then battered and deep fried. It's like a baseball turducken. (State Fare Stand, $10)

Lay's Home Plate Chicken Sandwich

A chicken sandwich with a crunchy twist. The chicken breast is crusted in Lay's Original chips and then fried. Just for fun, you get more Lay's chips layered in the sandwich, too. (Flew the Coop Stand, $27.50)

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

For those nights when the games run long, there's Cuvee Nitro Cold Brew coffee on draft. (Ballpark Vegan Stand, $7.50)

The Triple B

texas rangers ballpark food
Delaware North Sportservice

Make sure you get plenty of napkins to go with this bacon, brisket, and bologna sandwich topped with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. (Homeplate Butcher Block; Smokehouse, $18)

Cracker Jack Cheetos Popcorn

Sweet and salty is a classic ballpark mix, and this mix of Cracker Jacks and Cheetos popcorn has the two flavors in spades. (Chester's Popcorn Wagon, $9)

Rold Gold Waffle Cone

Waffle cone with crushed Rold Gold pretzels baked into the cone. (Ice Cream Stands, $9.25)

7th Inning Cinnamon Roll

texas rangers ballpark food
Delaware North Sportservice

You don't have to wait until the seventh inning to eat and you might need most of the game to work off the sugar high from this cinnamon roll dipped in batter and deep fried, then topped with raspberry and chocolate sauce. (State Fare Stand, $10)

Vegan Nacho Grande

It's great to see the ballpark offer a wider selection of foods for different appetites. These nachos are Tostitos tortilla chips piled high with with house-made vegan chili, vegan cheese sauce, Beyond Crumbles, and other traditional nacho toppings. (Ballpark Vegan Stand, $13)

Vegan Top N Go Frito Pie

In addition to vegan nachos, you can get a vegan version of the classic Frito Pie.  (Ballpark Vegan Stand, $8.75)

Cheetos Jalapeño Bacon Dog

texas rangers ballpark food
Delaware North Sportservice

The name says it all: hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with Cheetos cheese sauce, jalapeños, and crunchy Cheetos. (American Dog Stand, $11)

Home Run Ham Fries

Also exactly what they sound like, which is fries made out of ham. (State Fare Stand, $7.50)

Pickle Fries

If you prefer your fries to be vegetarian instead of meaty, go with these fried pickles. (State Fare Stand, $7.50)

Rebecca Creek Saloon, which is located in the ball park, is also adding some new menu items, including a Rebecca Creek Bacon Jam Burger that includes jam made from Applewood smoked bacon, Rebecca Creek Whiskey, and goat cheese, and a Poblano Burger, which features a Queso Oaxaca-stuffed grilled poblano pepper.

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