Texas Passes Disputed Barbecue Bill Despite Small Business Concerns

A new law came into effect last week that hits close to home for folks from Texas: barbecue. As KRISTV reported, House Bill 2029 -- nicknamed the Barbecue Bill -- removes regulations that required restaurants that sell food by the pound to have scales visible to customers and registered with the state.

This is to make sure the customers gets what they pay for, and when it comes to barbecue, you'd better get every ounce. But the bill's sponsor, Rep. J.M. Lozano, R-Kingsville, said the regulations hurt small business owners' where it hurts: the wallet.

Annual registration costs $35, but certified scales themselves can be very expensive -- up to thousands of dollars -- which can hurt smaller, mom-and-pop restaurants and mean costly renovations and refurbishments all around. Restaurateurs may be pleased, but not everyone is thrilled about the bill's passage.

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Texas Agriculture Commissioner said in a statement,"This bad bill gives places like barbecue joints a license to steal by exempting them from state consumer protection laws designed to protect Texans like you and me."

"I trust my local barbecue guy, but I still want to see that when I buy a pound of sausage I'm getting a pound of sausage," Miller continued. "It only costs a barbecue restaurant $35 per year to register that scale. That's about the same cost as a couple of pounds of brisket. Cowboy logic says that this isn't about the fee."

Do you think that the outrage is warranted?


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