Texas Man Charged with Public Intoxication After Bringing Beer to Jury Duty

How do you get out of jury duty? If you're this guy, you bring a beer. A 23-year-old man from Tyler, Texas brought a beer to jury duty Wednesday at the Smith County Courthouse. What he probably didn't expect was to wind up in the other seat.

The beer disguised in a large Coca-Cola cup raised suspicions along with the man's sluggish demeanor. When courthouse members caught wind of his slurred speech he was reported to the sheriff's deputy on duty. The intoxicated man then exited the jury room and courthouse, and then tried to return. That's when authorities stopped him.

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He handed over the Coca-Cola cup that had strong odor of alcohol. When asked what was in it, he confirmed that he was drinking beer. He was then arrested and charged for being intoxicated in public.

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, man was held at the Smith County Jail with a $260 bail.

While everybody tries to get out of jury duty, drinking a beer to numb the process isn't exactly the best way to go about it. Unless of course you want to get out of jury duty by spending some time in the slammer. In that case, make it easy for the sheriff and turn yourself in at the jail.

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