Texas Man Arrested After Stealing $1.2 Million in Fajitas

A Texas man is facing some serious legal beef after being arrested for the theft of more than $1.2 million worth of fajitas from his employer -- the Texas Juvenile Justice Department -- during the past nine years. As the Brownsville Herald reports, Gilberto Escamilla's fajita fiasco unfolded Aug. 7, when he took a day off work for a doctor's appointment.

While he was out, a delivery driver from Labatt Food Service in Harlingen, the Juvenile Justice Department's regular meat vendor, arrived with a delivery of some 800 pounds of fajitas. The only problem? The Juvenile Justice Department doesn't serve fajitas.

A coworker of Escamilla's who answered for the delivery told the driver he was mistaken, that the kitchen doesn't serve the Tex-Mex dish -- much to the driver's surprise, who had been delivering fajitas there for the past nine years.

Escamilla was fired Aug. 8 and arrested Aug. 9 after the District Attorney's Office Special Investigations Unit obtained a search warrant and, while searching Escamilla's home, found several packages of fajitas in his freezer.

The value of the order was, at that time, between $2,500 and $30,000, making it a state jail felony; however, the DA's office kept digging and discovered Escamilla had in fact stolen $1,251,578 worth of fajitas, which he then resold to happy, regular customers of his own.

"He would literally, on the day he ordered them, deliver them to customers he had already lined up," District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said. "We've been able to uncover two of his purchasers, and they are cooperating with the investigation."

Escamilla was arrested on a first-degree theft felony. If there's one thing we can say for sure, it's that Southwesterners love their food, even enough to steal -- just ask the New Mexico man who landed himself in hot water for stealing his mother's posole.

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