This Texas House Comes with However Many Tacos $500 Will Buy

In today's housing market, every seller is looking for a hook to draw eyes to their property. The sellers of one Midland, Texas home are setting themselves apart from the pack with an offer of $500 in tacos with the purchase of the house.

As broker John Boswell of Boswell and Associates Real Estate Management, told Midland's CBS7, "To bring joy to people through tacos because that's what tacos are all about, they're shaped like a smile...right?"

Boswell said the $500 taco bounty can be from any restaurant, buyer's choice.

Though Boswell admits the taco offer was, at first, something of a joke, the buzz it's generated is anything but. Calls about the home are up, and the company is already cooking up a new and exciting incentive for another home. As he told CBS 7,

"I thought it was silly and most people will, but it's clever and the whole point to marketing and advertising is to one, get peoples attention, two hold on to it, and three do something about it and we're working on three right now."

Need an order of tacos with a side of a new home? You can contact Boswell and Associates at 432-813-3538 or find them online.

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