Black-Eyed Pea Vodka Is Proudly Born and Bred in West Texas

The black-eyed pea is a Southern dinnertime staple and a sign of good fortune in the New Year, and now it's the main ingredient a new Texas-distilled black-eyed pea vodka from Black Eyed Distilling in Fort Worth.

Master distiller Trey Nickels spent years on his family's Muleshoe, Texas, family farm raising black-eyed peas. Years of drought battered the Panhandle, and Nickels had the bright idea to but those peas to use making vodka.

The distillery's signature BLK EYE vodka is made from a blend of Texas-grown, non-GMO black-eyed peas and corn, distilled 22 times with reverse osmosis-filtered water and charcoal-filtered, producing a clean, sippable vodka that lacks the burn of many others.

It is truly a vodka made in the heart of West Texas, a feat that Black Eyed Distilling is proud to claim.

BLK EYE's eye-catching bottle features artwork from Fort Worth landscape artists Pat Gabriel, showing a burst of sunflowers growing in a field of black-eyed peas.

With this farming family's eyes on every aspect of the production process, BLK EYE vodka is a Texas-true, farm-to-bottle drinking experience like no other.

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