Taco Beer Exists and Of Course, It's a Texas Invention

Why it took so long to get a taco-themed beer is beyond us, but we are glad someone finally got it together and made this happen. Props go out to  Austin-based microbrewery Independence Brewing Co. They also happened to write the book Texas tacos, literally. Tacos of Texas breaks down the best of the best tacos in Texas using a Texas Taco Map that will change your life. Okay, now back to the beer.

The brewery created Revolución Saison Ale. The beer takes tacos to a whole other level. The brewers explain that they created the beer to be the "perfect complement to your carne asada, fajitas, carnitas or even tacos al pastor." While a step away from fish tacos, the beer is designed to cut through the intense flavors that even hot sauce adds.

In a recent interview with Culture Map, they explained:

"The Revolución is light-bodied, brewed with pale malt -- so it's not a heavy/filling beer -- and effervescent, which cuts through some of the heat of chiles. The mild esters produced in fermentation accentuate herbal flavors in tacos like cumin, coriander, and cilantro.

Finally, the light, citrusy hop flavor highlights the citrus elements of marinades used in tacos and also helps wash away the heat of spicy salsas."


It was a sign at an El Paso bar that inspired Mando Rayo, taco expert and co-writer of Tacos of Texas, to dive deeper between the association with tacos and beer. As the state expands with taco trucks and craft beer, it was only a matter of time until the industry dove into the pairing headfirst.

"People are already thinking about that stuff. Being from Texas, being Latino and American, I don't want to just drink Bud Light with lime," he said. While you might think an IPA or a pale ale would be best suited for a taco, Independence is hoping this saison ale might change your perspective entirely.

Local retailers are already carrying the brew in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, but it's under a limited release so when you see it, snag it. Regional breweries and taqueria restaurants might also carry the beer, though it's not guaranteed.

The Independence crew is already planning taco & beer pop-up parties to celebrate summer. After all, what's a better way to bring Texans together than with the perfect combination of beer and tacos?

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