How the Texas Barbecue Community Stepped up to Help After Harvey

Texas pitmasters are doing what they do best to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In September, over 2,500 pounds of meat and 5,000 links of sausage were being prepared one Friday night and into Saturday morning. The food is going to first responders, evacuees and anyone else affected by the superstorm.

Some of the restaurants involved are Pinkerton's Barbecue, Killen's Barbecue, CorkScrew BBQ, Good Life BBQ, Harlem Road Texas BBQ, Victorian's Barbecue, Brooks' Place BBQ and Tin Roof BBQ, as well as tailgate BBQ pros like Travis Lemos, who was on his way to a college football game when he rerouted and head to Houston with his food.

First round of meat off the pit, hoping to feed 2500-3000 ppl between today and tomorrow ❤

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"We are going to feed all those who are still here through the San Antonio food bank and any that aren't around the area and first responders in the area, we are going to feed those as well," Clint Swindall, the head cook for Good Life Barbecue, told KSAT News.

Tin Roof BBQ in Atascocita worked directly with Humble Independent School District to get food to those who sought shelter in Kingwood-area schools. Brek Webber, owner of Tin Roof, provided as much food as he could, then asked for donations and volunteers to help supply the rest. He turned on his generators to make sure none of it went bad.

Johnny and Patti Dunn of the Bourbon Cowboy Cookers, competition BBQ pitmasters in the Houston area that participate in charity events around the state,  were part of the volunteers who donated their food and services the cause via Operation BBQ Relief, an organization that travels to disaster areas to provide barbecue to needy residents and first responders, to assist.

The Dunns, who live in Huffman and were spared Harvey damage, delivered servings to Tin Roof BBQ that were then delivered via school bus courtesy of Humble Independent School District. It was a true all-hands-on-deck experience and everyone involved say they feel blessed to be able to help.

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